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Combat isn’t fun in The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian was originally supposed to be a launch title for the PS3. It also stole the show when it was revealed again at E3 last year. Could it actually be a launch title for the PS4.5/Neo? That remains to be seen. However, we did learn some new details about the upcoming release thanks to one of those IGN first videos, although I’m not sure that I’ve really learned anything more.

Here is the interview if you want to watch it, but be prepared that you can’t just leave it on in the background and do something else unless you’re fluent in Japanese.

So it seems that the focus will be on exploration and puzzle solving, although combat will be thrown in to mix things up a bit. But don’t expect the actual combat to be fun or interesting; it’s just about showing off Trico’s strength. I don’t know, that sounds sort of weird to me, but I’m sure fans will still be excited about it. Here are his exact words (in translation):

Combat is an area that I can’t speak too much on at this point but this might cause some misunderstanding but combat is not too important in the game. It’s more there to showcase the strength of Trico. The intention of the combat encounters are similar to that of Ico, where the combat encounters aren’t exactly fun themselves it’s more like they exist to showcase the strength and magnificence of Trico.

So, if you enjoyed the approach to combat in Ico, it seems safe to assume that you’ll enjoy The Last Guardian.

I am getting a bit worried, though. In all the time since the E3 reveal, we haven’t seen any new footage of the game. Sure, that E3 demo was gorgeous and impressive and exactly what fans needed to see to get excited again. But in the year that’s passed we haven’t seen other areas, other gameplay. Is the title really back on track, or did they get as far as the E3 demo before falling into development hell again? Or were they just saving themselves for another E3 moment in the sun?

Last Updated: May 30, 2016

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