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Command & Conquer IP given to Visceral Games

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Visceral Games is an awesome development studio. They’ve made gems like Dead Space and (perhaps not as shiny a gem, but I still loved it) Dante’s Inferno. They’re owned by EA. You know EA. Everyone used to hate them a few years ago because of icky DRM practices and their overbearing corporate identity. Now, it seems, they’re earning back a lot of fans and it’s largely thanks to awesome people like those who make up Visceral Games. That and Activision has taken over as the Sauron of the gaming industry.

The Command & Conquer franchise has now been handed over to Visceral Games, and Nick Earl (the development studio’s GM) has mentioned that the new C&C game is “pretty far out”. Whether that’s “far out” in a stoner, hippy sense or “far out” in a “it’s still a long way from release” sense is debatable.

This is all thanks to how well Visceral Games did with a new IP (Dead Space). EA was chuffed with how the game was received and how the development team handled things. As such, the studio has been expanded significantly and has swallowed talented developers from various EA offices around the world. In addition to a growing staff contingency, the stable of game genres has moved beyond third-person action titles like Dante’s Inferno and Dead Space. This is where Command & Conquer comes in.

Perhaps this is exactly what the C&C franchise needs: a new development studio with fresh takes on the beloved IP.

Source: Eurogamer

Last Updated: October 19, 2010

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