Community Let’s Play Night 10 Jan 2014

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To kickstart this brand new year we are going to start organising let’s play evenings where we all choose a single game and then jump into a lobby and play the game for fun. The last part of that sentence being the most important. This is for fun people, leave your winning mentality at the door.

For the first evening of the year we are going to pick one of two PC titles to join in. Now I get we don’t all agree on the same games but if your choice doesn’t win then be a nice sport and join in anyway. anybody who wants to stream the games, via whatever method, is free to do so. 

If you have other games you would prefer to play instead then leave them in the comments below and we will maybe use them at a later date. I’m thinking we can host a game every two weeks and while this week it will be a Friday, because the wife is away, feel free to let us know what other day would work best for you.

Okay to the vote then, this week in the red corner we have the mammoth and all dominating DOTA 2 which is free to play so there are no excuses.

Then in the blue corner we have Left 4 Dead 2 which a ton of people got for free over the Christmas period.

So click on your favourite option and join us for the winning game on Friday night.

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Last Updated: January 8, 2014

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