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Dota 2 champ

Tonight is the night when some of you might delve into the world of MOBA for the first time. It will be fun, it will be crazy, you might even get hooked (sorry, for you Dota n00bs that’s a really bad Pudge joke).

Kicking off tonight, the community will be playing Dota 2. Please be sure to join the Steam group if you haven’t already. We have moved the time to 8pm South African time, which you can easily convert if you’re playing from farther afield. We moved it an hour later because apparently you lot eat dinner for hours on a Friday night.

Remember, play nice and let’s all help each other. The whole point of the community play night is for everyone to try out the game, enjoy a silly night of playing games together, and maybe make new Steam friends to play with in future. Next time, we might jam Battlefield 3, or Resogun, or any number of other games. I might join tonight. I also might not. It really just depends on how the evening goes. But, I can say for sure that a bunch of community members will be joining in. So, get online tonight, get into the Steam group chat, and let’s get some MOBA fun going.

Last Updated: May 30, 2014

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