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Community Request: Matty plays Sophie’s Curse

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Sophie's Curse

Remember that one time I was asked to play Five Night’s at Freddy’s 4? Oh the mirth… what laughs we had! Well to be perfectly honest, you all found it hilarious. I on the other hand, needed therapy for months following that terrible experience.

I recovered thankfully, mostly because I genuinely believed that content of that nature would be a once off affair. I’d never have to do something like that again, surely? SURELY? How wrong I was!

A couple of months after that incident, I received not one, but two horrendous games to play for your viewing pleasure. They arrived in my Steam Inbox thanks to one very dedicated reader – Mr Guild. Being the dancing monkey I am, I could not turn down his very kind gesture. I begrudgingly accepted the offerings, and asked you all which of the two titles I should subject myself to first. Naturally, you all went for the scare title. Sophie’s Curse won the election, with a decisive 57% of the vote!

So here you are, loyal, lovely readers. Without further ado, I present to you, yet another video of me being a complete coward. Enjoy!

What the actual hell triggers Sophie? It’s something I never understood, and something I don’t plan on figuring out anytime soon. I mean, I had all the lights charged… ALL OF THEM! Yet, for some reason, she decided to pop up, seemingly at random, to murder me. I should’ve just stayed at the safe zone – maybe then I would’ve survived until morning!

Anyways, moving along swiftly, thanks Craig for giving me the opportunity to play this game. I’m looking forward to playing your next gift (NO GOD PLEASE NO), and should have a let’s play video of it up fairly soon. Seriously, There’s Poop in My Soup? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR KINDNESS!

Last Updated: April 14, 2016

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