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Complete list of Destiny Trophies/Achievements

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While some of you are busy unearthing artifacts, a bunch of you will be desperately hunting for trophies or achievements depending on your platform. Here is the complete list and description.

  • Hunter Mastery: Upgrade all nodes in the first Hunter subclass (Silver/30)
  • Titan Mastery: Upgrade all nodes in the first Titan subclass (Silver/30)
  • Warlock Mastery: Upgrade all nodes in the first Warlock subclass (Silver/30)
  • A Change of Heart: When you have more than one grenade option, switch between the two to earn this (Bronze/20)
  • Use of Weapons: Dismantle a total of 50 weapons and/or armour (Bronze/20)
  • Fully Weaponised: Fully upgrade a Legendary weapon (Silver/30)
  • Packing Heat: Fully upgrade an Exotic weapon (Silver/30)
  • The Life Exotic: Acquire and equip an Exotic weapon or armour (Silver/30)
  • Suited for War: Equip all armour and weapon slots with Exotic or Legendary gear (Silver/30)
  • Ship Rite: Rebuild a Jumpship (Bronze/20)
  • A New Steed: Acquire and equip a new Sparrow (Bronze/20)
  • Bane of the Kell: Kill 25 Fallen with precision shots in one mission without dying (Bronze/20)
  • Bane of the Dead: Kill 25 Hive with precision shots in one mission without dying (Bronze/20)
  • Bane of the Machines: Kill 25 Vex with precision shots in one mission without dying (Bronze/20)
  • Bane of the Emperor: Kill 25 Cabal with precision shots in one mission without dying (Bronze/20)
  • Blink of an Eye: Kill 5 enemies in 3 seconds. Use a grenade on the Hive or other weak enemies (Bronze/20)
  • Dragon Slayer: Kill Riksis in the Restoration mission on Earth (Bronze/20)
  • A Friend Indeed: Resurrect 5 players during a mission (Bronze/20)
  • Rising Vanguard: Complete the first Strike mission (Bronze/20)
  • Strength of the Pack: Complete a Strike with clan members only (Bronze/20)
  • Flawless Striker: Complete a Strike without anyone in the Fireteam dying (Bronze/20)
  • Raider: Complete your first Raid (Silver/30)
  • Raiding Party: Complete a Raid using a Fireteam made of only clan members (Silver/30)
  • Epic Raider: Complete a Raid on Hard difficulty (Gold/45)
  • Flawless Raider: Complete a Raid without anyone dying on your Fireteam (Gold/45)
  • Ask Questions Later: Get a first strike kill in PvP (Bronze/20)
  • Notorious: Earn the maximum weekly Crucible score (Silver/30)
  • Finders Keepers: Help capture 50 capture points in Control mode (Bronze/20)
  • Relic Hunter: Help capture 20 capture points in Salvage mode (Bronze/20)
  • Excessive Force: Get 25 kills in PV using heavy weapons (Bronze/20)
  • Hunter Killer: Kill 100 Hunters in PvP (Bronze/20)
  • Giant Slayer: Kill 100 Titans in PvP (Bronze/20)
  • Witch Hunt: Kill 100 Warlocks in PvP (Bronze/20)
  • Triple Play: Kill 1 of each class without dying during PvP (Silver/30)
  • Inspector: Look at another player and press down on the right stick to inspect their details (Bronze/20)
  • Decryptologist: Decrypt a total of 25 Engrams (Bronze/20)
  • Ghost Hunter: Find all 50 Dead Ghosts (Bronze/20)
  • Vanguard Honor: Get to Vangaurd rank 3 (Bronze/20)
  • Valorous: Earn the maximum weekly Vanguard (Silver/30)
  • Lucky 7s: Earn a Grimoire score of 777 (Bronze/20)
  • Public Defender: Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events (Bronze/20)
  • Guardian Lord: Earn all Trophies in Destiny (Platinum)

This is my only issue with achievement hunting – I don’t mind doing weird things like killing a certain number of things or using particular weaponry or upgrades. I just don’t want to be forced to play PvP in order to get achievements. Which achievements will you be hunting this weekend?

Last Updated: September 12, 2014

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