Confirmed: No COD5 Beta for Playstation 3

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COD 6 coming next year

Sorry Playstation people. If you were hoping to get some time with the COD5 beta then you will not be happy to hear that it has now been confirmed that the beta will only be available for the PC and Xbox 360 platforms.

Treyarchs excuse? reports the following about Treyarch’s statement:

“We are running the beta only on the Xbox 360 and PC,” said the representative. He continued then to point out that most betas on the PS3 are run by first party anyways, and if Treyarch runs their testing on the Xbox 360 and PC they acquire more data on servers and connectivity.”

Excuse me, but that sounds like a load of trash to me. Are there issues with the PS3 versions development? Nothing is for certain and we don’t actually know if there are any actual issues with the PS3 version at the moment but with an excuse like that my mind really has to start wondering.

I don’t think that we are getting the full story here. I think that someone has screwed up somewhere and now the PS3 owners are going to have to miss out because of it.

source: PSU

Last Updated: September 30, 2008

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