Confirmed: SA games to begin receiving all Xbox Live content

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If there is one thing we have consistently moaned about here on Lazygamer, it’s the lack of Xbox Live content in our Microsoft games. It’s been a long road of reports, phone calls, emails and complaining from our side.

Not sure what we mean? How about that time that we reported that Gears of War 2 wouldn’t be getting the extra map packs and guns, so far as to even get a hold of Epic Games themselves as well as Microsoft’s head offices in the USA. Also, not to mention the fact that they were blocked anyways.

Maybe you remember when we also moaned about Forza 3’s lack of launch content or the time that we didn’t get the extra episode for Alan Wake.

Well ladies and gents, our complaints have a had a good run, but it looks like we may finally get some rest from our bitching and moaning, thanks to local confirmation provided by the good folks over at

More info after the jump.

Now, as you already know Microsoft will be launching the Xbox Live service in South Africa in the near future.

Thanks to the confirmation by xboxgaming, we now know for sure the official release will bring with it a new era of non-screwed-in-the-ass-ed-ness, in other words, we will be getting all of the content that we should be.

Some of this seems rather obvious, right? Obviously, if we are getting Xbox Live we would get all the content, but with the way things have always gone, it wouldn’t have surprised me if our Xbox Live regions weren’t supported for specific content (or some jazz like that).

The report states that from now on we will be getting the same versions that are released in the United Kingdom. While xboxgaming had reported earlier this week that Halo: Reach limited and legendary editions were looking to miss out on some content in SA, they now have confirmation that it too, will include the content.

This is great news, and also hopefully comes as a second indication that our regions will have all of the previously blocked content unblocked and available for download. What’s still sad, is the fact that owners of Gears of War 2, Forza 3 and Alan Wake still won’t get the free content that belonged to them, even though they paid full price.

Great news then, no strange excuses or lack of response. It’s coming and we are getting it.

Case closed. We hope.


Last Updated: August 12, 2010

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