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The Joystiq bunch have been running a couple of polls recently on each of the three consoles and the results are in…

Wii Poll

So it seems that a lot of people have gotten their hands on a Wii already in the world and most are enjoying it. The suprising thing that I got from this poll was that 25% of the Wii owners used it less than any other console…

So is it really just for the party games after all?

PS3 Poll

Okay very few readers of the joystiq website have a PS3 and the people who do don’t like it that much…

That is not a very good looking result for them, however it needs to be taken into consideration that it’s most probably the current drought of games for the PS3 and not the PS3 itself which is the problem.

Xbox 360 Poll

The readers over at the Joystiq site really really like the Xbox 360 with a huge majority prefering it over any other system they may own.

However once again it has been out longer and has many more titles worth playing on it so this is to be expected really.

Hopefully they will run another poll towards the end of this year to see if anything changes.

So far the 360 is obviously winning this race but we have just rounded the first corner and there is a long way to go still… Exciting times to be a gamer…

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Last Updated: March 9, 2007

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