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This controller is bananas! (B-A-N-A-N-A-S)

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Dark Souls is tough! There’s no doubt that the souls games are challenging enough with regular controllers – but people do love to challenge themselves. On top of no damage runs, speed runs and other self-imposed challenges, one of the more popular ways people have looked to up the ante is by trying to beat the games with all sorts of other, non-standard ones.

We’ve had people beating Souls games with Guitar Hero controllers, Steering Wheels., Donkey Kong Bongos – and even voice commands. Twitch user TheSuperScrubs (via Eurogamer) isn’t content with that. He’s gone and bested the game with a controller made from tropical fruit.

Yes, this controller is literally bananas.

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While I don’t get the apeel of this sort of thing myself, one has to appreciate not just the technical wizardry in using the inherent electrical currents of the fruit (which botanically, is a berry) but also beating the damned game by tapping on a bunch of bananas.

You can watch him beat Dark Souls 3’s end boss using the possibly soon-to-be-extinct fruit. The type of banana you more often than not get at supermarkets these days called the Cavendish, which supplanted the once popular Gros Michel variety when that type was very nearly eradicated by fungus. The Cavendish, by all accounts, is the less tasty of the two, but is hardier. However, it seems that the fungus has caught up too – and threatens to kill off the Cavendish. Worryingly, we have no commercially suitable replacement – which means the future of the banana is in jeopardy.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other types of bananas, mind. So says PBS, reminding us that you also get “Blue Java, aka the Ice Cream banana, so named for its blue skin and creamy, ice cream-like texture; the Macabu, which is black when fully ripe with a sweet pulp; the Niño, which is a mild and finger-sized, and the Burro banana, which has squared sides and a lemon flavor when ripe.”

Like pineapple, banana also doesn’t belong on pizza.

Last Updated: April 12, 2017

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