Controversial God of War III Head-Rip Video

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Some gameplay footage of God of War III caused quite a stir on the E3 floor, and after you see it, you won’t wonder why.

Basically, there is an in-engine cutscene/animation that shows Kratos beating the heck out of Helos, and then eventually, while he is still alive (his eyes are creepily looking around still), Kratos tears his head right off of his neck.

The scene is violent as all hell and really gives a good indication of how much of a badass Kratos is.

The video is not safe for work, and will probably have women in your office dropping the coffee mugs if they see you watching it. They may still comment on how nice the graphics look however.

Check it out, after the jump, it’s not for the squeamish though.

[Ed] Seriously not for the squeamish and there is no age gate when there most probably should have been. You have been warned.. again.

Source: Blip.TV

Last Updated: June 8, 2009

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