Cooking Mama's oven gets too hot

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In an odd move, the people at Majesco, creators of the Cooking Mama games, decided to send an email to Alex Navarro, former writer for

The reason for the email? They weren’t happy about the fact that he only gave their game a six out of ten, saying that its “not worth their while”. Now usually a letter like this would be written so formally that it will make you want to burn a business suit in the street outside your house, but this is indeed where the oddity comes in.

The entire letter is written with a sarcastic tone, pretty much blaming people like him for any bad game sales that may occur. A passage from the letter says:

“With the first Cooking Mama reaching 1 million units in Europe and near of 1 million stateside, I began to worry that this might begin to go to our heads. Majesco’s parking lot would be flooded with Bentley’s, Maybach’s and rare hybrid cars that run on pure ego.”


The author (who’s name has been removed from image) goes on to say the following:

“So, I tip my cap to you good sir for keeping us grounded. God knows we are indeed all financially well off and not a bunch of hard working people just trying to pay our bills.”

News like this upsets me. I don’t think that it is right that developers and publishers should contact reviewers directly to voice off their opinions of a review. I can understand that they aren’t going to feel all warm and fuzzy inside when they see a low score plastered next to their game.

But seriously Majesco, suck it up. The last thing we need is even more pressure being put on reviewers to keep the bigwigs happy. We all know too well that the last thing we need is for reviewers to be afraid to give their true opinions, for fear of losing their jobs. Especially after the whole fiasco with Jeff Gerstmann’s dismissal from Gamespot last year.

source: DSfanboy

Last Updated: April 16, 2008

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