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The coolest costumes of Injustice 2

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Half the fun of Injustice 2 is in the art of super-punching the likes of walking nuclear bombs and billionaires with too much time and on their hands into orbit. The rest of the fun inside of Injustice 2 comes from playing dress-up with these gods and monsters, crafting their look with a meticulous attention to detail.

That’s honestly where I’ve found myself spending the most time in Injustice 2: In its dressing room. Here’s a mode which ticks all the right boxes. Loot drops almost constantly, the higher-end elite gear looks delightful and you can customise said gear further with an infusion of Source Crystals if you want to nail a certain look and feel for your Kryptonian ass-kicker deluxe.

Even better? The Multiverse is home to plenty of inspiration. Each battle cycles in a character who has somehow managed to face the anti-RNG equation and walk out unscathed. Visually, I’m in love with Injustice 2 and its uncanny facial animations. Man I wish I could marry them. I’ve been taking note of these costumes and outfits. Here’s a gallery of what I’ve found and adored so far:

As much as I love my various Batman loadouts, I’ve developed a soft spot for anything with a technological bend to it from NetherRealm’s art team. Characters like Cyborg, Brainiac and Blue Beetle benefit the most from this as they’ve got outfits which ooze pure class, sophistication and coolness. I’ve got a feeling that Injustice 2 could be responsible for a whole new wave of cosplay ala League of Legends and its various skins.

And hey, if NetherRealm decides to keep this sequel filled with plenty of new outfits via regular updates which players can earn, then I’ve got zero complaints. Now’s the part where I petition NetherRealm for a Blue Steel shader.

Last Updated: May 29, 2017

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