Counter-Strike: Global Offensive had a massive viewership at Gamescom

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I really don’t think people realise how big Gamescom was. Sure there were the big stands and stalls, but there was also a whole eSport area where some ESL games were taking place too. One of those games was Counter-Strike, and it shattered all sorts of previous viewership records

Don’t believe me? Check out this press release!

‘Pure’ spectator viewership on leading streaming platform, Twitch, was reported to be an astounding 343,638 peak concurrent. This sees the previous record from March this year beaten by over 153% for an event that had Counter-Strike: Global Offensive become the ‘most watched’ game on Twitch throughout the majority of its duration.

That is quite something. In my eyes, Counter-Strike is a game that gets lost among all the MOBAs and other shooters when it comes to eSport. I have a soft spot for it, because I used to play competitively a couple of years ago. It makes me happy to see that it is clearly gaining popularity once more. Ulrich Schulze, the Managing Director of Pro Gaming at ESL had the following to say:

It’s amazing to see the growth of Counter Strike: Global Offensive in the eSports community. Just five months after ESL One Katowice, we see ESL One Cologne 2014 break our previous record by an amazing 161%. We had over ten million sessions and were just shy of three million unique viewers for ESL One Cologne 2014. It’s absolutely amazing to see and we’re all very excited to get back to work and see where we can take Counter-Strike: Global Offensive next.

Interestingly enough, Valve have considered giving Counter-Strike an International-like treatment much like they do for Dota 2. If that were the case, I have no doubt Counter-Strike would gain even more popularity.

The winners of the ESL One at Gamescom were Ninjas in Pyjamas. They walked away with a cool $100 000 in cash out the $250 000 prize pool.

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Last Updated: August 21, 2014

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