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Crackdown 2 a real possibility

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Crackdown 2... please say it's so

Crackdown is one of the best games released so far on the Xbox 360. I personally preferred it to GTA IV and I am sure this game would have had a better reception if it hadn’t been bundled with that Halo 3 beta key.

However the much expected sequel seemed to have been condemned to an early death but we finally have some new hope.

Realtimes World studio boss, Colin Macdonald, has said that “It was a horrible, horrible decision that we still dwell on” when asked why they didn’t start developing the sequel directly.

At the moment all their resources are fully dedicated to the highly anticipated APB but as soon as that has been released we can expect them to start pushing Microsoft to agree to a sequel.

I don’t expect Microsoft to say no as they can be quite sure the sequel will do well as well.

Source: Videogaming247

Last Updated: August 8, 2008

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