Crackdown 2 developer reveals its new project

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I absolutely loved the original Crackdown, it was easily one of the best titles of its time; which is one of the reasons that the mediocre to useless Crackdown 2 was such an incredible disappointment. Ruffian Games appeared to have successfully removed all the fun out of Crackdown and released a…  I’m not even sure what to call Crackdown 2 to be honest.

But Ruffian Games are back with a totally new title and thankfully it is absolutely nothing like Crackdown 2 so this one might actually be fun to play.

It’s a very simple looking title that takes inspiration from Lemmings, World of Goo and Dust.

The game is played against a competitor and the idea is that you need to get your little people to build a bigger tower than the enemy. As you go higher you get to unlock new features and weapons with which to attack your opponent, or new buildings to house more workers and equipment to build quicker.

It looks cute and could be fun. It’s obviously a much smaller game than Crackdown 2 but in the developers own words the last few years have been tough. They have been working on many different projects and

“Most of the work was genuinely a lot of fun to be part of and we’re proud of our contributions, but some of it was a bit of a pain in the hairy tits.”

Hey, to be Scottish.

Tribal Towers doesn’t appear to have a platform announcement yet but I’m guessing PC and possibly this could turn into a mobile game we’ll see on Android and iOS devices.

Last Updated: March 18, 2013

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