Create Your Own Villager With Fable III's Village Maker Website

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I know, I know… you have just been dying to create a villager recently, right?

No? Oh… well Lionhead has decided to give you the option to do so anyways. By using their website (linked below) you can create your own villager, decide what sex they are and what they are wearing and even answer questions to help create a backstory and personality for them.

Links, video and more after the jump.

You are even able to add them to Fable III itself, but to do that Mr. Molyneux wants you to pre-order first. Check it out through the link here . We also have a video below, so check it out.

[Please also note that the builder requires you to have the latest stupid version of Microsoft’s stupid Silverlight which was a stupid attempt to replace Flash for no stupid reason in the first place.]

Source: VG247

Last Updated: August 3, 2010

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