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The CSGO Shuffle and Phantoml0rd drama continues

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Last week journalist Richard Lewis began his video series on James “Phantoml0rd” Varga, the popular streamer, gone gambler, gone criminal. His first expose highlighted Varga’s undisclosed ownership of CSGOShuffle, and this included Skype logs of Varga asking his partner, and developer of the site, for the percentages of rolls when he was gambling. Since the reveal, all of Phantoml0rd’s social media has remained dormant, as has his girlfriend’s accounts. He hasn’t streamed, and yesterday his channel was permanently banned for breaching the Terms of Service of Twitch TV. A victory, some might add.

Why was he banned?

Besides stealing thousands of dollars from his die hard fans and the people using his site, Phantoml0rd was also using a subscriber script which meant random fresh Twitch accounts were subscribing to his channel in order to keep up sub trains and appease his partnership contract. This is one of the direct violations which led to the closing of his channel and was really the cherry on the top of this drama cake. The sub bots were brought to light in a second Richard Lewis video where he showed a Twitlonger post sent to him by one of the moderators who had been sitting in Phatoml0rd’s offline chat, but it has not been confirmed that it was in fact a script despite the damning evidence. There, the mod noticed random accounts subscribing even though the channel was offline. Richard Lewis explains in the video below.

The video is a short summary. Then of course it shows  the reveal of fake subs and undisclosed ownership of CSGOShuffle which led to the permanent ban on his account, according to multiple sources. Here Richard Lewis also explains the significance of the percentages which Phantoml0rd badgered his partner Joris with almost hourly. Lewis offers time stamps of the various days and times where percentages were given for those who might be seeking legal action if they can prove they were gambling at that time.

At first it was unclear what Twitch were going to do about the situation as Phantoml0rd has a rather large channel with over 1.5 million followers, and some felt Twitch would retain their complacent mindset and turn a blind eye, again. They were wrong, and Twitch have now made an example of one of the biggest streamers on their website.

Although Lewis is a humble man, you can almost see a glint of satisfaction in this video when he announces Phantoml0rd has been banned. Lewis has always been one to rid the gaming community of such people, and this was another win for the community. The video takes a sad turn when Lewis reads out a message sent to him by a long-term moderator of the banned channel who lost up to $10,000 gambling with Phantoml0rd, and watched him change over the years as gambling took over his life. The moderator has agreed to give Lewis more information as he was aware from the start that the site, CSGOShuffle, was owned by the three people he gambled with.

What has become horribly clear in these videos is that Phantoml0rd became overwhelmed with greed. He went from a respected streamer to hogging CS:GO viewers while he sat there gambling for hours on end. He may, or may not, have retained the same entertainment value, but the times I personally watched him I was bored out of my mind. He did not play much CS:GO near the end and instead sat there gambling. Lewis then address the big question: “Where is Phantoml0rd?”

According to sources he has been laying low while he strategizes his next step. The question of whether his girlfriend, streamer Dinglederper, knew about the shenanigans (and there’s no doubt that she in fact did, being sponsored by the site as well). Whether or not she had equity is not known, but she did have a Patreon account where she asked for support, while her boyfriend Tweeted images of his new cars purchased with the assumed profits of CSGOShuffle, which was then well in the millions.

This is only the beginning of the end of Phantoml0rd, but the drama continues. We will of course keep you updated with all the latest video Richard Lewis presents us with, but in the mean time I’d recommend following his YouTube and Twitter account for any comments or updates. He is busy with ELEAGUE from today so there might be a short break, but he remains vocal on most social media.


Last Updated: July 21, 2016

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