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Cyberpunk 2077 wants to see your idea for the ultimate PC case mod

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You think you have an eye for style? Time to prove it then. Like most people, I too could design a killer case for a PC if I had access to a few items: Time, money, talent and an attention span longer than hey is that a squirrel? If you’ve ever fancied yourself a PC case designer who could put the pros out of business, then Cyberpunk 2077 wants you to send them your dream concept for the ultimate PC case themed around that upcoming game.

Here’s how it works: Called the Cyber-Up Your PC contest, Cyberpunk 2077 developer CD Projekt Red will be ready to accept submissions between now and May 17. You don’t need any actual experience in designing PC cases, but having some common knowledge of where the RAM and terror floppies are stored would probably help.

The idea is that you just need to focus on the design, whip up a trio of images that shows off your idea from various angles and submit them. If chosen, CD Projekt Red will then render that idea of yours in real-world materials. You can submit your concept professional software such as a CAD program or hand-drawn images that you’ve scanned in, but there are some catches according to the official rules:

  • At least one part of the design has to be/include recycled material (for example, an old circuit board as decoration)
  • The design has to follow one of our style guidelines, feature a megacorporation logo, or a gang logo from Cyberpunk 2077
  • In Night City, the rich and the poor live right next to each other; make this contrast visible in your design

Five of the designs will be chosen by a jury, and then handed over to professional case modders who’ll transform them from a flight of fancy into a proper case. A grand winner will be selected, with their custom case being kitted out with bleeding edge hardware from Alienware and Nvidia. A 34” monitor and other top of the line goodies will also be thrown into the pot, to create the ultimate gaming rig for playing Cyberpunk 2077 on. I’ve got a feeling that my concept won’t make the final five, so I’m heading back to the drawing board.

Cyber PC

Hmmm, maybe it needs more flames on the side.

Last Updated: April 8, 2020

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