Dark Sector Coming To PS3 & 360

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Kikizo.com has managed to get an interview with the developers of one of the most interesting looking games heading to the Xbox 360 and PS3…

Players start the game as Hayden Tenno, a morally confused CIA Agent on a mission in a fictional eastern bloc nation. “He’s kind of like a Jack Bauer, if you watch 24, one of those guys that runs off on his own,” Josh explained, “it’s all stuff we’re revealing in the story, and there’s a lot of cool back story too – he’s in contact with the agency until he gets infected, and the whole city starts changing around him

Cool a mutated Jack Bauer, now that does sound like an interesting game, if you check the picture above you can see the 3 pronged steel mutation on his arm which is your first weapon in the game… Things get strange from there onwards.

It’s quite a lengthy interview so follow the link for more information.

Link to Interview: Dark Sector Infects PS3 & 360

Last Updated: June 5, 2007

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