Dark Souls 2 will offer more freedom for ‘brave’ players

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When more details surrounding Dark Souls 2 were revealed, fans were a little uneasy about the mention of the game being more “accessible” to newcomers. Dammit, if they had suffered in the first game, then newbies should die painfully and horribly as well! Turns out, they had nothing to really worry about. And if they’re really brave or completely insane, they can start the game from the halfway point with a untested meatbag.

In Dark Souls 2, players are going to have a ton more freedom when it comes to exploring that world, part of the changes that From Software is implementing to make the title more friendly to beginners and veterans.

"We’re hoping that if the player tries hard enough, or are willing enough, they could even start halfway through the game, depending on how willing or how brave they are," director Yui Tanimura said to Digital Spy.

We realize in Dark Souls there were some certain orders, like ringing the bells or going to Anor Londo, which is not necessarily a bad thing. In Dark Souls II, we’re hoping we can provide more freedom so things don’t have to necessarily be done in a certain order.

And that, in a nutshell, is Dark Souls. If there’s one thing that isn’t being changed, it’s the fact that you’re going to be dying over and over and over again. But being thrown face-first into a sea of high-level enemies who are going to turn your skull into a toilet once they’re done with you? That’s pure Dark Souls.

I still played the game at E3, and it was exactly all that and a bag of suffering.

Last Updated: July 9, 2013

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