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Dark Souls’ creator made the game for himself – because he’s a masochist

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FROM Software’s sleeper hit Dark Souls wasn’t made to be a pain in your ass. The game’s creator says he tailored the game to his own needs – because he’s a masochist.

Edge Magazine asked director Hidetaka Miyazaki if he was gleefully drumming his fingers together over the thought of being a cruel sadist.

“If I had to say for myself, it’s actually the opposite – I’m more masochistic,” he replied.“Because I created Dark Souls while thinking about what type of game I would personally like to play. I wanted somebody to bring out a really sadistic game, but I ended up having to make it myself.”

He is aware though, that the game is full of cheap strategies to help players overcome the game’s brutal difficulty – and that it’s wholly intentional.

“I want people to have fun with strategising,” he said, mentioning some of the tactics that ma the game a little easier, like poison arrows and coaxing enemies off of ledges.“That was definitely something that was intentional. There’s one approach to combat that involves a head-to-head collision, but luring enemies and using cheap strategies is one of the joys of this game as well.”

Read the whole, interesting interview here, which covers art, design and difficulty. It’s quite obvious he wants more people to play the game – and so do we; it was one of last year’s very best games, unfortunately overshadowed by bigger games like Skyrim.

Dark Souls was released last year for PS3 and Xbox 360. There’s a petition floating about to bring the game to PC…which may well happen.

Last Updated: February 1, 2012

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