Dark Souls II patch fixes user interface

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Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II is a ridiculously well crafted game. The experience and gameplay is varied, making it enjoyable for gamers of all types (as long as they have the patience). Some may have noticed a notification warning of an incoming patch – don’t worry, it will make the game even better.

If you happen to be able to read Japanese, you can check out the patch notes here – otherwise, you can use the Wikis like me.

The biggest changes have been made to the game menus and controls. Start Menu and Bonfire Menu performance has been optimized, which hopefully means that when I talk to that fine lady in Majula to try to upgrade my character, she will actually respond without giving me enough time to go for a toilet run. The controller will also now vibrate when blocking an attack, which should add to the immersive feedback on the game.

Some multiplayer issues have been fixed, including those that prevented bloodstains, illusions and messages from showing up. Additionally, some bugs that caused summoning of other players to be cancelled when starting boss fights have been fixed. Finally, for the Humanity hunters among you, be warned: players now only receive a small portion of Humanity after successfully helping in a multiplayer session instead of regaining full Humanity.

Interfaces and Multiplayer issues are the only things the developers have been working on. A Calibration patch is also incoming. This will rebalance gameplay. There’s a full list of changes, but these include a variety of nerfs and buffs on abilities, enemies and equipment. These also apply to a couple enemies in New Game Plus. For the full list, check out the list to see if your favorite gear has changed.

Like I said, Dark Souls II is already a fantastic game. It will be excellent for these small changes to be implemented, making it even better. Now, if only there were a patch to tell me that it will be okay and pat me on the back.

Last Updated: April 10, 2014

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