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Darling, prepare to play Ultimate Gay Fighter

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Take one portion of satire and mix it with a solid portion of social commentary topped off with a bucket load of W.T.F. Stick it into some coder’s hands and what do you get? Ultimate Gay Fighter for iOS and Android devices.

No these fighters are not overly happy and content they are all homosexual in one form or another and are all fighting against each other to be crowned the ultimate fighter.

The story, …, yeah okay the story goes that The League of Oppressive Self Righteous Zealots have come up with this idea so that the LGBT community will destroy itself and they can then brainwash the winner to carry out their nefarious plans. I don’t blame you for not believing me, I keep referring back to their website to confirm half of this nonsense but it is all true, here is their launch video.

Gaytality… So how many offensive stereotypes did you pick up in that 1minute 10 second video?

According to the press release this idea started as a joke, never saw that one coming. But they then did some research and were shocked to find that their gay family had no real games to play. So according to the developer this a homage to his/her larger gay family and doesn’t appear to want to offend.

Take a look at just some of their character profiles



Carrie Cupcake


GoGo Gary


Shawdee Killah


Holy crap is that a noose around the black guys neck, let’s take a closer look.


@ow, now I get it. We’re not allowed to mock gay people if we are not gay but surely symbolising a black man in America (developed in NYC)  with a noose around his neck is maybe going a little too far?

Now don’t get me wrong, some of the parts made me giggle, especially the special scissor move and the one evil character is epic.

Anne Paylin, sure… Anne


So tell me what you think, is this sort of self social commentary acceptable due to the developers being gay themselves or is it still offensive?

Does it matter what sexual orientation the developer has either way? If you’re excited to play this then you don’t have long to wait with Ultimate Gay Fighter scheduled to hit Android and iOS devices in January 2014

Last Updated: November 26, 2013

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