Dave Perry has a good point – Really

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So Dave Perry has been talking to GamesIndustry.biz about the huge potential and untapped power of the PS3.. yeah heard it all before but have yet to see it in a game…

Anyway I was about to flick passed to the next story when I read this part..

If Sony thought of a way that their architecture designers could somehow add even more power for less money, but made programming a misery – actually made you just want to kill yourself – they would do it

Now this actually has nothing to do with the power of the PS3, it has to do with Sony being controlled by the hardware guys when they developed the PS3 instead of the Software guys.. Microsoft seemed to have taken the approach of “We want something that is as easy to code as a PC but it must be powerful” and the hardware guys just had to make a plan.

However on the Sony side they told the architects that they wanted something that will be the most powerful console around… which it may be but since no one understands the thing it doesn’t help..

While Nintendo just did their own thing and even though there is little to no good third party titles for the Wii it has that motion sensing controller which allows it to be sold by the truck load…

PS3’s power will be untapped for years – Perry // GamesIndustry.biz

Last Updated: November 26, 2007

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