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David Jaffe is not happy with us*

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So apparently I have been able to annoy one of the most influential gaming developers of our time, David Jaffe. Annoyed him enough for him  to go on a twitter tirade against bad journalism and still not give us a link back because that would obviously be beneficial to us.

But what caused this tirade and his general unhappiness?

On Wednesday I posted up a story headlined “David Jaffe doesn’t think Sony likes his game” which I’ll admit is a bit of a controversial headline but I have always seen headlines as a way to get people into a story and then to read the substance behind the claim.

The headline was based around David Jaffe himself saying

There are guys (In Sony) who get it, but there are just as many other people who go ‘I don’t really get it – is this something we really want to be promoting at the same level as say, Uncharted 3?

and followed on from him saying that Sony hadn’t yet approached them to make a PS Vita version of Twisted Metal which I found to be quite a surprise since it was the main event of the Sony E3 2010 press conference.

This little story set of a Twitter storm that may not be suitable with those with sensitive eyes or feelings.

Note to certain friends in the gaming press: the REASON more folks don’t open up and tell you more than the PR folks suggest is because
some of you twist and take shit SO out of context that we in the game making biz are just better off not giving you ANY fucking opportunity
to twist what we say. Holy shit, Lazygamer- where in the FUCK do you get that I feel that Sony is unhappy with Twisted Metal?!? We got PRIME
booth space, tons of time and support and love from all divisions of Sony. Try reading the fucking article from which you are ‘reporting’ on
next time before you go and start putting your own, totally unfounded spin on the things I say.

Now I understand that he really got upset about our heading, and I have subsequently altered it slightly to suit, but I can’t shake the feeling that there is something more to this. I didn’t make up any quotes or quote him out of context anywhere that I am aware of but yet he aimed all his vitriol at us instead of Eurogamer who I got the quotes from.

We’re not perfect and I for one am always happy to learn and improve so my question to you this Friday morning (when we all shouldn’t be working) is this.

“Was my initial headline grossly misleading and factually incorrect and more importantly should I never have used it or did it make sense in the context of the story?”

I’d really love to hear your opinions and on another note.

David isn’t the first developer we have personally annoyed and I doubt he will be the last but he is the first one to claim that we were doing our jobs badly while we did it.

And to Mr Jaffe if you do end up reading this, apologies if I caused you any problems with the headline that was never the intention.

*Headline may be subject to change if we receive another Twitter avalanche.

Last Updated: June 17, 2011

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