David Jaffe refusing to be censored… sticks by his comments

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Yesterday Geoff posted up the story about David Jaffe comparing the NGP to a lady’s genitals and added the entirely unrelated picture of an Oyster to the story… who would have thought that the oyster would be the biggest problem of the day.

Anyway to make everyone happy I have censored the illustrious oyster but unfortunately David Jaffe isn’t going to be censored so easily. After receiving a mini-firestorm of comments from his Twitter followers he has turned around and stated.

@JimSterling, thanks for the defense against some of the peeps saying I was sexist. Much appreciated. I am intentionally crass and lewed at times because I think 2 many people are hypocritical uptight bizzy bodies. But sexist? Not at all.

There is a BIG BIG BIG difference between using a vulgar term for a vagina and using hate speech such as using ‘gay’ as an insult, saying ‘bitches’ (which a Dtoid user pointed out to me, and I’ve since stopped), and using the ‘N’ word As for lawsuits because of being vulgar: if ANYONE at my company told me they didn’t like it and said I should stop, I would in a heartbeat.

However, no one has said a thing- man or woman- and so it doesn’t occur to me. But I respect the workplace and the talents of the team way too much to lose amazing talent just so I can be lewd at times

Earlier the equally foul mouthed Jim Sterling from Destructoid had leapt to David’s defence by saying

“I manage to upset people all the time with my own comments. I don’t get it. I was amused. Didn’t think it was sexist.”

“I tell you what, I’ll throw it to the public. Who wants to hear me and @DavidScottJaffe to a podcast together!? ANSWER ME! I don’t know what would be funnier. The show itself, or the multitude of lawsuits we’d accrue as a result of it. :-D”

Personally I find David Jaffe’s way of talking in pretty poor taste but at the same time he is one of the entertainers in the gaming industry, along with Cliffy B and Kaz, so I wouldn’t want him to change.

Whether his original comments were sexist are possibly up for debate and you can continue that debate on the original post here.

Source: PSBeyond

Last Updated: February 1, 2011

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