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Dead Cells – Where to find every Rune stone and what they do

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You’re going to need more than just some deft dodging skills and a quick trigger finger when Dead Cells launches properly next week. A ganrly mix of Castlevania’s best symphonies and the unending grim challenge of Dark Souls, Dead Cells hides within its castle walls numerous secrets that can only be reached with the most arcane of magic: Runes.

Scattered throughout Dead Cells are these mystical stones, ancient chunks of mystical stone that can unlock new areas and treasures for players. You’ll also have to fight for them, usually facing an Elite-level enemy who’ll be a bastard to deal with, so come prepared. Where do you find them? Right here!

Vine Rune

Runes (1)

  • Location: Promenade of the Condemned, from an undead Archer.
  • Function: The Vine rune allows you to stop tickling globs of weird green stuff that you periodically find on the floor, and turn them into vines that you can climb to access out of reach areas.
  • Zone unlock: Toxic Sewers

Teleportation Rune

Runes (2)

  • Location: Toxic Sewers, in a room with switch-operated doors.
  • Function: Ever notice those funky coffins in the corner? With the Teleportation rune, you can use them as quick gateways to reach closed off areas that usually house some neat treasure and gear.
  • Zone unlock: Ossuary and the Forgotten Sepulchre

Challenger Rune

Runes (3)

  • Location: On the Black Bridge, as a reward for defeating The Concierge.
  • Function: Allows access to the Daily Challenge in the Prisoner’s Quarters
  • Zone unlock: Daily Run

Ram Rune

Runes (4)

  • Location: The Ossuary, beneath some fragile ground.
  • Function: Allows players to break ground marked with a specific rune, to access new areas.
  • Zone unlock: Old Sewers

Spider Rune

Runes (5)

  • Location: In the Slumbering Sanctuary, in a room that will require the Rune to exit.
  • Function: Ever see those massive walls that you can’t climb or use the Vine rune to get over? The Spider rune gives you the ability to climb those walls and jump from them, opening up a stack of new zones in the process.
  • Zone unlock: Garveyard and the Prison Depths

Last Updated: July 31, 2018

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