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Dead Space 2 Downloadable Prequel Available Next Week

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If you haven’t already heard its name, let me tell you about Dead Space Ignition. The game is a downloadable interactive comic prequel with hacking mini-games for Dead Space 2 that takes place just after the first Dead Space.

The game is set on “The Sprawl”, a space installation chock and block full with those mean, ugly Necro-bastards that we have all learnt to hate. Dead Space Ignition has been announced for the Xbox Live Marketplace for 400 MS points and even though it has been announced for the Playstation Network, details are pretty much non-existant.

Dead Space 2 is looking incredibly good, not to mention pant-wettingly scary. Keep an eye out for Dead Space Ignition on the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 13.

Source: CVG

Last Updated: October 7, 2010

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  1. PSN is really satrting to hit my wallet hard lately and im sure Live will also when it launches in November if it ever launches.

    Just in October alone:

    – Deathspank: Thongs of Virtue.
    – Borderlands Clap Trap DLC.
    – Tomb Raider.
    – Dead Space Ignition.

    Im sure i missed one or two also.

    Pro tip for gamers. Ive been using my credit card to purchase PSN game but a couple of months ago i noticed Kalahari started selling the R500 PSN cards for R450. That will save you R50. Unfortunately its not a 24 hour delivery item. If you need it e-mailed straight away its R480 at Take2.


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