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Dead Space 3 might be more like Resident Evil 5

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So according to EA, Dead Space 3 will be more like Resident Evil 5. In a recent interview, comparisons were made to Capcom’s survival horror.

Frank Gibeau, EA Games President, spoke about how EA is doing their best to greatly expand not only their first-person shooter market but also their action market. Hit the jump to see what he had to say.

“The Resident Evil series was awesome, the early versions were phenomenal. Capcom did a good job of growing the franchise to a very large market,” Gibeau said. “I think we still have some areas to grow with Dead Space in terms of trying to reach a broader audience without losing the quality and that survival-horror mechanic. That’s how we’re going to think about it as we think about Dead Space 3 and what we do next with the IP.”

“Overall, we want to try and grow the business in the action category,” Gibeau explains further. “EA doesn’t really have a very strong stake there; survival-horror kind of lives in that genre. 3rd-person action is something that we think we can build and our Visceral Games team is really working hard at crafting some new IPs as well as building out ones that have succeeded. Horror movies are great films; it’s a genre that’s been around for decades. We think the same holds true for interactive.”

So what do you guys think? Should Dead Space be made into a more action-focused experience?

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Last Updated: March 16, 2011

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