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Dead Space Wii Named – Trailer and First Details

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So I was busy checking release dates just a few moments ago and this just popped up.

The first details of Dead Space for Wii have been made available and it’s actually looking pretty awesome. The game is releasing under the title of Dead Space: Extraction and to make things interesting, the protagonist is going to be a woman. Now that already sounds interesting but what is even better is that the fact sheet (posted after the jump) says that the game is going to have co-operative multiplayer.

Along with those videos of Dead Space running on the original Xbox that were released recently, came a new hope that Dead Space: Extraction may just be somewhat of a turning point for the Wii and it’s audience.

I managed to find the trailer that was just posted on IGN so check it out as well. It’s a hardcore game that’s set to look great and play well, let’s hope they don’t abuse the waggle.

Official Fact Sheet after the jump.

Dead Space Extraction tells the story of a handful of space colonists desperately struggling to escape from a horrific infection on the Aegis VII mining colony deep in the furthest regions of space. The game introduces a new heroine to the fiction and as the crew fall victim to a mysterious contagion aboard the ship, it becomes clear that protecting her may be their only hope for survival. Dead Space Extraction introduces all new characters, weapons, enemies, puzzles and co-operative multiplayer gameplay.

Co-operative gameplay? Now that sounds awesome. Dead Space: Extraction is set to release late this year.

Last Updated: February 18, 2009

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