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Deadlight PC release date confirmed

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Cinematic puzzle platformer Deadlight, originally released on XBLA in August, is coming to PC through Steam this month. The dedicated PC version will include improved graphics, a new nightmare mode and the full OST.

The narrative driven game is set in an apocalyptic world in 1986 on the US Pacific Coast. The main character Randall is a lone wolf, slightly paranoid character fighting hordes of undead that swarm to the player’s presence. The environment presents, any challenges, one wrong step could mean death by trap. After checking out some videos of the game, story and gameplay, I can definitely say that it looks amazing. Usually I’m quite annoyed by narrative driven games, but Deadlight seems more than just another zombie game, in fact the emphasis lies on the puzzle solving and survival through thinking. The art style is stunning and visually the game is definitely easy on the eye. So check out the story and gameplay trailers and tell us what you think!


Last Updated: October 8, 2012

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