Deadpool developers laid off

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The wacky and irreverent Deadpool videogame isn’t even out yet, but it is complete; which, according to Activision, is the perfect time to lay off pretty much the whole team involved.

According to Kotaku, a number of High Moon staffers have been given the boot following the completion of the comic-book adaptation, which Activision says is to “align its costs with its revenues.”

“Activision Publishing consistently works to align its costs with its revenues – this is an ongoing process. With the completion of development on Deadpool, we are taking a reduction in staff at High Moon Studios to better align our development talent against our slate,” the publisher said in a statement.

“Approximately 40 full-time employees will be impacted globally. We are offering those employees who are impacted outplacement counseling services.”

This is, unfortunately, standard practice for the industry; treating development staff like contracted cattle.It doesn’t bode well for the game itself, or the possibility of s sequel. Game’s done, now pack your bags and have a nice life.

It’s kind of expected, given Activision’s newer focus on fewer licenced games, though I can’t help but feel that it would be better to nurture staff. When you get rid of them, you’re not just getting rid of people, you’re getting rid of their collective knowledge; and that knowledge could be put to use on other projects.

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High Moon is most known for its excellent, but underappreciated Transformers games. Deadpool hasn’t got a firm release date just yet, but is expected to be available some time this Winter.

Last Updated: April 3, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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  • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

    “Tim, did you finish the phase 3 skeletal animation and updated the mesh work?”

    “Yep, just grabbing a cup of coffee, and then I was going to start helping Ryan’s team”

    “Oh that’s nice Tim, but you see, since you’ve finished most of your work, I’m sorry to do this, but here’s a pink slip… It’s not personal you know, It’s just Admiral General Bobby would like to expand his money lake…”

  • “excellent transformer games”
    I had a good chuckle at that

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    I refer to my picture I used in the WarZ article….

    • Anon A Mouse

      You CoD fanboy. Getting your copy and paste action on I see. 😛

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        Nah, two very fail news issues, the doublefacepalm HAD to be applied, TWICE

    • HvR

      I see your double and raise you another 2

      • HvR

        A dammit quadruple facepalm didn’t stick *Facepalm*

        • Admiral Chief Erwin

          whahahahahahaha, the fail is strong

  • Admiral Chief Erwin

    “outplacement counseling services”


    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Meanwhile, Riticello has stepped down as the CEO of EA, yet will still get a salary for the next 12 months…

      Doesn’t it all just make you feel all fuzzy inside.

      • Admiral Chief Erwin

        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)


          • Admiral Chief Erwin


      • HvR

        If I was on the High Moon dev team it would be time to suit, take a dump on his car and tap his mother …. twice … and save his dawg

        • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

          I don’t know how those guys manage, but maybe some people enjoy the freedom of contract work? It just seems so stressful. So after a few months of contract work, you’re unemployed, with a resume in one hand, but fending off an ever-growing pool of recently graduated game designers and artists.


          Just thinking about it, gives me an ulcer…

  • Anon A Mouse

    Deadpool is dead in the water me thinks. No QA, no support, nada.

  • Zero-Cool

    This game is going to be terrible, mark my words!

    • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

      Yeah, I have to agree with you. I was excited when I saw their first trailer, but this is a no-brainer for me as well. This is going to be like the recent Activistion Walking Dead game; poorly crafted cash-grab (on a very popular franchise).

      I’m so glad Activision doesn’t have their grimy hands on Batman…

  • poor Deadpool …..

  • Kingkappie

    am i the only one that hopes this will be brilliant

    • Admiral Chief Erwin

      I’m with you, I really do hope!

      • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

        Maybe one day… Rocksteady will make a Deadpool game.

        • Tbone187

          Not if Bebop has anything to say about it…hehe…

          • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

            Hahahah Turtle reference gets you an upvote!

        • Aussious

          Don’t hold your breath.Heheh

    • I really really loved the game at Gamescom.. but I think it’s going to suck 🙁

      • Jim Lenoir (Banana Jim)

        Damnit Gavin… 🙁 I was still hoping, but now the coffin’s lid has been closed, and all I have in my eyes is biologically-processed essence of Mountain Dew… 🙁

    • Anon A Mouse

      I will love for this game to be AAA nay AAAA+ but if this is the way that the developers are being treated I can’t see it being worthwhile. I’m sure they had to work on ass hard deadlines and when they’ve finished they’re shown the door.

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Man, I hate hearing depressing stories like this.

  • Aussious

    Honestly fuck Activision and Blizzard as well, how many hard working 9 to 5 devs have been fired for the sake of soul less execs making millions for doing jack! I don’t get why everyone ( including me) hate so much more on EA where as Activision is far worse.

  • Stephen Unsworth

    Well that doesn’t make good for other games that will come out of Activision..

    In the future Video Game Designers may have a choice between Activision and another company, who in their right mind would choose Activision when they treat their staff in that way..

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