Deadpool disappears from all online stores

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Careful that gun may backfire

So 2014 has rolled around and you have finally decided you want to play the 8th worst game of 2013, Deadpool? Well you’re year is off to a bad start unfortunately as you can’t anymore.

As the calendars rolled over to a new year the digital versions of Deadpool, and other marvel titles, mysteriously disappeared from online stores like the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade.

Some online stores still have availability but they are being taken down as quickly as possible.

So is this Marvel clearing their name by removing bad titles or has Activision just decided it wants nothing more to do with the titles?

Well neither and both really, According to a tweet from Dan Amrich, Activision’s Community Manager, the titles were taken down as they only had the licence for 2013. But it’s not just Activision who was affected as the Marvel titles released by Capcom have also mysteriously disappeared, Marvel or their power hungry owners, Disney, have not stated why they have not renewed any licensing deals but I can’t imagine they don’t have a plan for all of these games.

If you already own a copy of the game it will continue to be playable but if you missed out and were waiting for an awesome $2 sale then I’m sorry to say it’s not going to happen.

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But really the game wasn’t good so do we really care? Though we do have to ask how Activision only managed to keep a licence for a title for the year it was released, surely they should have at least got the 2014 licence as well?

Last Updated: January 2, 2014

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