Dear Sony, Can You Cut The PS3 Price Please? Love, Your Third-Party Publishers.

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PS3PriceCut The Playstation 3 is the most expensive console on the market at the moment. We know that, Sony knows that – and most importantly, the third-party devs and publishers know that. Well, those 3rd party fellas have had enough of it, and are pressuring Sony to reduce the price of its black, Blu-ray capable megalith.

Janco Partners soothsayer Mike Hickey believes that unless Sony increase the PS3 user-base by lowering the price of their console, many third party devs will channel their resources into development on other platforms – A sentiment echoed by many third party publishers, including EA, Activision and Ubisoft.

Sony though have vociferously defended their price point and seem quite happy with their price structure. SCEA senior VP of marketing Peter Dille said that there are "no immediate plans" to lower the price.

With Sony posting it’s first operating loss since 1995, can they really afford to drastically reduce the price on a console they’re still making a loss on? Then again, can they really afford not to?

Source : Gamespot

Last Updated: March 17, 2009

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