Dear Valve, please interview this lady

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One of the most frustrating things I have found recently is that it’s incredibly hard to get people to do a job they profess to want to do. I’ve been trying for weeks now to find a developer and an SEO expert and even a shirt manufacturer to do some work.

It’s incredibly frustrating so it’s with a heavy heart that I see someone like Erin Michael Vondrak putting so much effort into trying to get a job and not getting anywhere, yet.

Erin is trying to get a job at Valve, the developers behind a string of hits including Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress and has put together this flash video to try and entice them into calling her.

To be fair the passion is incredible but the actual drawing ability doesn’t seem to be amazing, but I’d give this lady a call in a second if someone applied for a job with me in this way.

Oh and if you were thinking of doing it I should let you know we have no money, so we’d hire you but it wouldn’t pay your bond.

Also, YouTube comments are the worst of the worst, the amount of people flinging sexual inuendo or demands her way are incredible. Seriously people turn the computer off and go outside.

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Last Updated: August 2, 2011

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