Defender Chronicles Goes iPhone

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That’s right boys and girls! Developer Chillingo is set to release their latest iPhone game, Defender Chronicles. They hope to utilize Apple’s App Store to reach buyers in the next few weeks.

The game is supposed to be set in a medieval world and requires the player to defend his/her empire from marauding undead soldiers and those pesky orc hordes that medieval stories have so much of.

As far as gameplay goes you’re looking at old-school RPG characteristics blended with what’s becoming a very popular genre of Tower Defense (if you guessed that then you may have bigger problems than me). But apparently its been made popular by something called Field Runners.

Anyway the game has five different modes and five hand-drawn worlds. It boasts a hectic feature-set and also includes various difficulty settings so whether you just play a few rounds while waiting for your routine dental check-up or play more often than you go to church, you should be pretty satisfied. Check out the official Defender Chronicles website.

Source: Casualgaming

Last Updated: June 8, 2009

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