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Find the Line, a bizarre new mobile game is revealed

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Hearing the stories of the developers who make complete clones like Candy Crush, Flappy Bird and others are earning millions makes me quite depressed so when a brand new gameplay mechanic arrives I get quite excited.

This morning this brand new video landed in my inbox and it is a release trailer for a new game from Chillingo who have quite a few mobile success stories already.

But this is something quite different. I have to admit I don’t really understand how this works but I think that is the reason while I find it so intriguing.

According to the official website the game is more than just swiping a line with the following features listed.


  • Over 200 unique levels created manually
  • Rising complexity levels of different Themes
  • The Themes final video animations illustrate the pictorial story that is performed with many polished lines
  • Each line shows the story in the look of associative images that may help the player to guess what the final object is
  • The variety of hints that help the player to move on with the game
  • Hidden Stars and Keys add the game more challenges and as they are found – the additional bonuses and extras are granted

Arrange lines to create images in this unique and beautiful puzzle game. Moving each line is easy but finding those hidden stars isn’t so simple and it makes you even more encouraged into the game FIND THE LINE. Look for clues while tracking the line on its tracking pathway and enjoy your playing.

We have no date on the expected release but I would presume it is going to be in the near future and hopefully this will finally be my chance to escape the evil clutches of Candy Crush.

Last Updated: May 21, 2014

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