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Formerly delisted horror game Devotion is back on sale in Taiwan, now has zero Winnie the Pooh references

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It pains me to admit it but I totally forgot about Devotion. The Taiwanese developed horror game looked like the real deal from the trailers and the few people that actually got to playing it said it was apparently very good. Yet any and all feedback on the game was cut off suddenly when Devotion was delisted from Steam due to some rather offensive imagery. Well, it was offensive if you’re a Chinese president but to everyone else it was a good laugh. The asset that saw the game’s removal was a small poster, easy to miss, that simply translated as “Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh moron”, referencing the fact that Jinping super-duper does look like a yellow bear with a grumbly tummy. Of course, everyone who understands the values of artistic representation was beyond annoyed that Steam went ahead and kicked the game, yet we all sort of moved on as one does when a situation like this is out of your control.


Look, there was more to it than that. Many Chinese players felt like they’d been duped into purchasing a game that mocked their country and resorted to flooding the game with negative reviews, causing Red Candle’s Chinese business license to be revoked and their ultimate decision to remove the game. That hasn’t stopped Red Candle Games from getting back on the horse after falling off so dramatically. In a Facebook post, it was confirmed by the developers that physical editions of Devotion will be sold in Taiwan as what Red Candle has labelled the “latest small step” in the process of getting their game out there.


The rest of the statement, handily translated by Facebook, reads, “Although we took the initiative to stop all business actions after the controversial incident, we still receive concern and inquiries from players from all over the world. All members of Red Candle are truly grateful for this.” It continues on to say that while not everyone will obviously be able to take advantage of this limited release, Red Candle is currently trying “various possibilities” for a wider release.

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

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