Denis Dyack gets banned from Neogaf

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Denis Dyack Wow it’s like a Dyack orgy in here today… um… Anyway where was I.

Oh yeah it seems like Denis has managed to kick up enough of a stink to get himself banned from the popular NeoGaf forums.

How did he manage this? Well it’s quite easy really. All he had to do was continuously insult the forum in interviews and tell everyone who would listen how it was the worst forum in the world.

Apparently NeoGaf eventually got sick of this and banned him, but, the source site, has a valid point. How is it okay for Denis to have his game mocked and ridiculed all over the forum constantly but then to ban him when he starts fighting back?

Denis Dyack is one of those guys that we all love to hate, he is arrogant and outspoken. But to be honest he makes the industry more entertaining and I would rather have someone like him than creators who never integrate with the community.

Source: Kombo

Last Updated: August 20, 2008

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