Desktop Dungeons will soon give you pins and needles

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You know when you spend just a little bit too long on the bog, and you get that awful, numbing pins and needles in your legs because you’re caught up reading something in a magazine? No, no you don’t because nobody reads magazines anymore.

What people do these days during their protracted bowel movements, is browse through the memetic twaddle that populates 9gag or play games on their tablets. Soon enough, the game that’ll be the cause of those pins and needles will be everyone’s favourite maths-based strategic rogue-like-like, Desktop Dungeons.

We hooked up with QCF Designs’ Danny Day and Marc Luck at Gamescom’s Indie Mega-booth, where they took the opportunity to show us the mobile, tablet-based version of their award-wining game.  It looks, as you’d expect very much like the PC version, and right now controls very much like it. It has touch-based controls, though they’re not quite as refined as you’d expect from a touch-based game. That, however, is coming.


Beyond that, it’s the very same Desktop dungeon’s you’ve come to love – quite literally. The tablet version has full cross platform save compatibility with the Steam and browser-based versions, meaning you’ll soon be able to pick up and play the game from wherever you like.

We’re not quite sure when to expect no-longer-confined-to-a-desktop dungeons, but we are rather looking forward to it, because as far as I’m concerned, a tablet is the perfect home for the game’s minutes-long sessions. What we’re not looking quite as forward to is the temporary loss of feeling in our legs.

Last Updated: August 14, 2014

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