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Desperate Elden Ring fans got trolled by a fake news Instagram account

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Elden Ring fans are a funny crowd of people. So fond of From Software and their particular reputation for making weird yet highly influential role-playing games, they sit and wait for any kind of news of the upcoming game, throwing hope to the wind when some random source pops up to spin a wild tale that’s likely not true. I’m not mocking them, I should clarify. Lord knows I’ve been doing that for every potential new Baldur’s Gate or Dragon Quest for years now. Yet the internet clearly loves to take the piss out of Elden Ring as some dedicated trolls go and set up an entire Instagram accounts to spread rumours of the game.

It’s actually worse than just creating an account, as a hacker managed to breach publisher Bandai Namco’s website, which contains the solitary teaser video for the game and links to social media, and altered the URL hyperlink for Elden Ring’s Instagram account. Clicking on the link took users to said fake account where they were greeted with “Elden Ring news soon” spread out over three images. So of course, everyone lost their minds until Lance McDonald, seemingly an Internet super sleuth, traced the account back to a Russian email address. Which doesn’t really feel like Bandai Namco, right?


So once again, Elden Ring fans go another day with disappointment in their hearts. There could still be some news revealed during Tokyo Game Show in a few days but also, don’t hold your breath. We know George R.R Martin is involved with the game which means it’s probably never coming out.

Last Updated: September 22, 2020

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