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Despite nobody asking, there’s a new Homefront coming

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Homefront is a mediocre game. The original, developed by Kaos and published by the now-defunct THQ told some asinine story of a bunch of revolutionaries fighting against military occupation of US soil. It ended up with a cool setting and atmosphere, but little else. It was met with middling critical reception and sales. For some or other reason, Crytek saw potential, and picked up the IP in the great THQ fire sale of 2012. They’ve announced its sequel.

“Wage guerrilla warfare and reclaim the streets of Philadelphia in ‘Homefront: The Revolution’ – a captivating new free roam FPS to be co-published by Crytek and Deep Silver,” says the press release.

Interestingly, they’re turning the game in to an open world FPS that will have players replying on ambush and guerrilla tactics, blending with infiltration and hit-and-run madness using home-crafted weapons.

"Homefront: The Revolution stands out from the crowd by immersing players in a world where they’ll feel emotionally compelled to fight for their freedom,” says Hasit Zala, Game Director at Crytek. “We’re very excited to work with Deep Silver and deliver an experience that underlines Crytek’s commitment to quality whilst tapping into the huge potential we saw when we first acquired the Homefront IP."

"Crytek has an outstanding track record of creating AAA action games,” beams Deep Silver’s CEO DR Klemens Kundratitz. “Homefront is a fascinating IP with huge global potential. With Crytek`s technical pedigree and Deep Silver´s publishing expertise we will take the IP to new heights."

Here’s the game’s feature set in hand-dandy bulletpoint form.

  • Explore a living, breathing open world – experience true open world gameplay in a first person shooter, brought to life with astonishing CryEngine-powered visuals
  • Wage Guerrilla Warfare – this is no linear shooter; learn the art of guerrilla warfare and use ambush, infiltration and hit and run tactics against your foe in thrilling un-scripted firefights
  • Build the Resistance – recruit revolutionaries to the cause, establish bases and safehouses, capture and customise a deadly arsenal, and build improvised, homebrew weapons for your Guerrilla Tool Kit
  • Ignite the Revolution – from oppressed citizen to revolutionary leader, an epic single-player campaign tells the story of the second War of Independence. The dynamic, evolving world responds to your actions as an oppressed nation rises up in defiance against the occupation
  • Online Co-Op – take the battle online, form a Resistance Cell with your friends and earn your reputation as Heroes of the Revolution

It’s coming to the new consoles and PCs next year.

Last Updated: June 3, 2014

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