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Destiny 2 is adding new Raid and Iron Banner gear in its second season

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Destiny 2 may be bleeding players like a surgery gone wrong at med school, but it’s not out of hatred, malice or spite. Fans do genuinely care about the game and happen to be starving for content that’ll help them relive the glory days of the first 30-odd hours that was invested in that cosmic loot box shooter. Which is entirely understandable.

A lot has been said about Destiny 2, from numerous spheres within the industry. Right now, the ball is in Bungie’s court and it’s up to that studio to dunk it and reclaim a few points. While a solid expansion that actually adds variety to the sandbox would be appreciated, it’s going to take some time to lure players back.

Time in which only the most hardcore of fans will be sticking around for. So what is there to look forward to? Some decent loot by the sound of things. Destiny 2’s first 2018 Iron Banner kicks off on January 30, with Control being the featured mode of Crucible play. The rewards have been rejiggered over by Lord Saladin’s tent of ill regret, allowing Guardians to earn season one gear through random Engram drops.

There’ll be some new loot to grab as well, in the form of Iron Banner-themed hand cannons, scout rifles and armour. See for yourself below:

Destiny 2 (1)

Destiny 2 (3)

Destiny 2 (2)

Destiny 2 (4)

In Raid news, you can expect some prizes in the form of perky armour in the Masterwork category. Raid rage armour will feature Raid-specific mods that’ll give Guardians an edge when boarding the Leviathan. An example of this is Emperor’s Blaze, which buffs Solar damage by 25% when tackling that Raid. They’ll only be available for Raid armour, but they are reusable in case you want to swap out mods. Provided you feel like paying the price for doing so, which is one Calus Token per use.

Destiny 2 (5)

As for the Raid itself, that’ll be tweaked soon as well. A successful run on the Prestige Raid will earn Guardians both Prestige and normal rewards, while any encounters will always drop a piece of Raid gear. Completing the event during certain weeks will also allow players to purchase missing gear from their collection via Benedict over in the Tower.

Destiny 2 (6)

These are all small changes of course, and not enough to entice fans back who want something truly new. Destiny history is repeating itself currently, but if that’s the case, then I’m holding on for a miracle come September.

Last Updated: January 26, 2018

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