Destiny 2 is arriving a little bit earlier to prevent a server crash on launch

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Guys, listen up: Destiny 2 is going to be out two days earlier than originally announced. In an industry where games are regularly delayed every week so that they can have more time being polished/avoiding competitors, that’s kind of refreshing actually. So what gives? Why an extra pair of days that I presumably would have spent camped outside my PS4 without pants as I counted down the hours until launch?

It’s so that the Destiny 2 servers don’t die in flames on launch day, as weekends are murderous on servers. “We were looking at a bunch of logistics; the technical diligence,” Destiny 2 director Luke Smith explained to GamesRadar.

Our games at Bungie historically have their highest concurrency on the Saturday of their first week. And so, by [originally] going out on a Friday, I think we were putting our technical teams at a risk. If that happened on a Saturday that could be really bad. If we can pull the data in for a couple of days [we can] ease some of the tension on the server teams and give our fans a win’. That new Wednesday release date “gives us some time to adjust the scalability on the servers if we need to, if the game is bigger than we anticipated.

Fair enough. Say what you like about Destiny, but it still manages to pull in one hell of an audience. While I highly doubt all 30 million registered players will pop back in on the same day, that’s still a sizable pool of fans to draw Guardians from for the sequel. Chuck in the anticipation on the PC side alone for this sequel, and Destiny 2’s first weekend is no doubt going to be heavily populated when the servers go live.

Destiny 2 is out on September 6, with a beta arriving on July 21. There’ll be new enemies, new skills and new worlds to explore. Also, grenade launchers. They’re freakin’ awesome they are.

Last Updated: June 23, 2017

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