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Destiny 2: Beyond Light–How to Heroic Trigger the Crux Convergence public event

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New year, new Destiny 2 expansion, same old trouble. Over on Europa, the Fallen are up to badness and it’s up to Guardians to once again sort them out. Previous Fallen public events in Destiny 2 have either been a rush to stop Vandals from making off with Glimmer or a showdown with a freakin’ tank, but the Europa event that you can take part in is even deadlier.

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Called the Crux Covergence public event, the job is simple: Stop the Fallen from communing with the Darkness, and take down the Brig Mechs that spawn. It’s easier said than done though, as the Brigs have an overshield that can’t be penetrated with conventional tactics. Instead, you’ll have to race to a point underneath the Darkness crux, capture it by standing there for several seconds and then attack the Brigs.

Once all three Brigs are down, the event is over. Simple.

Where does the Crux Convergence public event take place?

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You’ll be able to tackle this challenge in three locations on Europa: Cadmus Ridge, Asterion Abyss, and Eventide Ruins.

How to Heroic Trigger the Crux Convergence public event

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At each Crux location you’ll notice a swarm of scanner drones.

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They’re only around for a brief moment and they are nimble little buggers, but destroy three of them on each Darkness Crux during the event and you’ll be able to continue the public event with a Heroic Trigger activated. This will summon a tough Fallen Commodore Brig. You’ll have to hammer away at it until the faceplate is destroyed, at which point you can pour your entire offense into its exposed weakpoint.

Once the Commodore is defeated and the Brigs are wiped out, you’ll have earned some neat new treasure and Triumphs for your efforts.

Last Updated: November 13, 2020

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