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Destiny 2: Beyond Light – Where to find the dead Exos and get the Lament Exotic sword

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Now that Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s raid has been conquered, a whole new set of activities have opened up on Europa. Activities primarily related to getting dat sweet sweet loot. One of the hot ticket items is the Lament, an Exotic chainsaw sword that can be revved up to deal extra damage. That perk puts it in the top tier of Destiny swords, alongside Black Talon and Falling Guillotine.

So how do you get it? With a whole bunch of grinding! Here’s a breakdown on every quest step for the Lament adventure.

Pick up the quest at the Tower

Head on over to Banshee-44 at his usual stand and he’ll hand the quest over to you.

Find three dead Exo

Scattered around Europa are the remains of dead Exo. There are nine in total but you’ll only need to find three of them. Here are the markers for their locations from Houndish’s video:

Find the giant exo head

You’ll have to work your way through Clovis Bray Creation for this one, but it’s not too difficult as the Exo head is highlighted on your map. Reach it, trigger the prompt and it’s time for the next step of the quest.

Use swords to defeat Vex

This is going to be a long grind. You’ll need 100 killing blows on regular Vex and 20 final attacks on Minotaurs, Hydra, and Cyclops. I bet you miss that Mercru Lost Sector right now, don’t you? The Perdition Lost Sector has plenty of Vex Minotaurs to farm if you’re in a rush, so hit that location up.

Do an exo challenge

You can grab this challenge from Variks, or relaunch into one in case you’ve already accomplished it. Next step!

Do finishers on Vex on Europa

Get used to seeing your animation for this one, as you’ll need to wipe out at least 50 regular Vex to complete this step.

Find Blade Pieces in the Glassway Strike

Don’t worry, they aren’t hidden. When you reach the final boss encounter, keep an eye open for the Ultra Harpy that spawns in. Kill it, collect the pieces. Easy.

Talk to Banshee

The Exo gunsmith will ask you to run the Bunker Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins and collect an item from the boss chest at the end.

Reforging the Past

You’ll return to the giant Exo head and help protect it in this mission, but fret not! The Lament will be unlocked, allowing you to rip and tear through enemies until thy will be done.

Return to Banshee

I’m not going to mention any spoilers, but if you have any love for the character (voiced by Bender, Google it!), stick around and listen to his tale. Once done, congrats! You have an amazing sword, and one I think will come in very handy for PvE specifically. I still think Falling Guillotine will be the go-to for PvP, but Lament still has a lot of charm.

Last Updated: November 24, 2020

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