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Some Destiny 2: Forsaken players have figured out a way to grab Raid armour early

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There’s a certain sense of smugness that comes from having a complete set of Raid armour in Destiny. Does the armour provide any real tangible benefits? Not really, but it does make you look cool as hell and a member of a club that few Guardians have access to. Right now, my Warlock looks like a Mad Max cosplayer on his way to a Renaissance fare. Walking around the Tower last night, I did notice something…odd. A Hunter (a class that comprises roughly 97% of Destiny’s population), walking around in glorious armour.

The kind of armour that looks like it’ll be available only from a Raid. It was! Unless this particular Guardian was a time traveller however, the only logical explanation for his fly new threads was that he had somehow lucked into a glitch. Doing some research, that’s exactly what I found, as Destiny 2: Forsaken had lived up to the time-honoured tradition of having some manner of bugginess that would reward players with sweet loot.

Here’s how it worked: In Forsaken’s new endgame location The Dreaming City, players could use the terrain to their advantage to get to the prime goal of the Last Wish raid event: A chest of loot at the end of a staggering number of hops across glitchy terrain. This chest could be opened numerous times if players were prepared for all the grunt work and if you were ready to do something else: Start a new character, play through the first mission and then head back to do the exploit all over again.

With that tomfoolery in play, Guardians were able to get their hands on a full set of Raid armour within hours. Naturally I didn’t try my hand at this exploit, because I am a player who likes to experience Destiny 2: Forsaken the way that it was meant to be played. Also, Bungie has managed to supress the drop rates of items within the chest, so I’m s**t out of luck anyway. “Players have found their way into Raid spaces and claimed gear from bonus chests,” Bungie said in a forum post.

Those chests are being suppressed until we can properly isolate them to Raid activities. None of the rewards they have granted will be rescinded.

Still, I love seeing exploits like this. This Friday however, the real fun begins when The Last Wish raid goes live and fireteams race to get that legendary honour of being the first to conquer the event. Should be worth watching!


Last Updated: September 11, 2018

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