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Destiny 2 has some sect-sy plans for overhauling a few of its Exotics

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Exotic gear is the knees of the bees in Destiny 2, death-dealing weapons and armor that can drastically shake up how you play the game with any of the three subclasses. Why snipe a trash mob from afar, when you can hit them with a precise one-two round of dark energy that turns an unlucky target into a walking bomb and it gives you a dose of EDM with every pull of the trigger?

Graviton Pulse is but one example of a brilliant Exotic, but Bungie’s planning to shake some of that gear up as it heads into Season of the Chosen this week. The Aeon Cult Exotics, which consist of a trio of gauntlets, are being redesigned into gear that “you and your fireteam wear when you really want to work together as a team,” Bungie explained. This resulted in three main goals for the revamped mechanics:

  • Create role-based mechanics that reward you for doing the things that your role is supposed to be good at. 
  • Create mechanics that reward other players on your fireteam when you fulfill your role. 
  • Give your fireteam incentive for each player to take on a different role.

Aeon Cult Exotics will have their own, unique mod socket and mods, with each mod being tied to a unique idea: Sect of Force specialises in punishing powerful enemies, Sect of Insight is all about empowering allies, and Sect of Vigor is designed to keep your team in the fight. “Each of these mods has one perk that focuses on the user, and one perk that grants benefits to their allies,” Bungie explained.

Additionally, the second perk includes an extra benefit for anyone in your fireteam that has not chosen the same role, so for maximum efficiency each member of the 3-player fireteam should choose a different mod to reap the most benefits.

The gear you’ll be looking for in your arsenal will be the following gauntlets:


  • Aeon Swift – Hunter gauntlets that provides a cooldown on skills for other player subclasses if they have Aeon gear equipped and you perform a dodge.
  • Aeon Safe – Titan gauntlets that grants Super energy to Aeon-equipped players when you summon a barrier.
  • Aeon Soul – Warlock gauntlets that give other Aeon-equipped players energy whenever the space wizard chucks a grenade.

Season of the Chosen kicks off tomorrow once the usual Destiny 2 reset has begun. It’s looking good so far, as Bungie is hopping on the current Internet kink-trend and throwing a nine-foot tall female villain at players.

Last Updated: February 8, 2021

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