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Destiny 2 players are forming suicide squads to grab a rare Trials weapon

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Now that Season of the Chosen has kicked off Destiny 2’s latest chapter on a positive note, Guardians have a new activity to spend time on in the form of Battlegrounds. It’s a fun meat grinder of a diversion, and it’s also brilliant at keeping me the hell away from Trials of Osiris. The replacement to Trials of the Nine, Destiny 2’s PVP activity is where the best gather to slug it out every weekend for a chance at winning some elite gear and proving just how good they are as they attempt to score a massive winning streak.

For Destiny 2’s best players, it’s a weekend of intense competition. For everyone else, it’s a reminder just how screwed you are when you’re facing Guardians with the ungodly skill of being able to snipe you from an entire screen away using a melee attack. Yes that makes no sense, that’s just how good these players are dammit.

It’s one of the few modes in the game where I wish I could score some wins, as Trials gear is some of the best in all of Destiny. Plus it looks amazing as well, resplendent shining armour that elevates you above the rabble. This season of Destiny 2 has also added a new weapon to Trials that players are currently lusting over: The Messenger.

A pulse rifle from Destiny 1 that has been given a makeover, the Messenger is the only other weapon in the game that has the chance to roll with the sought-after Desperado perk that was once unique to Redrix’s Broadsword. So how do you get one in Trials beyond being just damn good at PVP? By throwing yourself off the nearest cliff. Digitally that is, not physically. Don’t do that, life is worth living.

The current strategy as revealed in several Reddit posts is to pick up a bounty from Saint-14 that will provide players with a single drop of the Messenger after a certain number of Trials matches have been completed. You don’t need to win those matches, although progress will be quicker if you can score a victory. Players are instead speed-grinding through Trials via suicide.

Either by throwing themselves into the infinite void by the nearest cliffside or willingly taking a lead money-shot to the face, so long as they get the bounty done then they’re happy to gamble on a random spin and pray to RNGesus for a good role on the Messenger. As for the usual Trials player? They’re probably just happy to have some fresh cannon fodder for the grinder mixed in with the usual high stakes play of that event.

Last Updated: February 16, 2021

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  1. I mean… sure… if you want to spend your time doing this instead of literally anything else it’s cool


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